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NVIDIA apparently struggling to secure Tegra 4 orders

NVIDIA showed off their latest mobile chips last month at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas, but apparently not too many companies are interested in what they’ve got.

NVIDIA Tegra 4

The new Tegra 4 features four ARM Cortex A15 cores, and is supposedly six times faster than the Tegra 3. But according to our favourite rumor monger, Digitimes, Toshiba is literally the only company that’s committed to using Tegra 4 in their devices, with other companies more interested in making chops from Qualcomm and MediaTek instead.

Not really a suprise as such, since Qualcomm offers a system on chip with integrated cellular components which the Tegra 4 lacks, and as result uses more power than Snapdragon processors. Then there’s MediaTek which supplies cheap chips for devices sold only in China or a couple Asia countries, and while probably slower than the Tegra 4, their chips are only used on very affordable budget devices, which manufacturers need cheap processors for anyway.

Bad news for NVIDIA if true, eh? It’ll be interesting to see which manufacturers, if any, are using NVIDIA’s latest chips at Mobile World Congress later this month.

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