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Samsung Experimenting with Different Pixel Shapes for Galaxy S IV Display?

No matter what screen resolution, and subpixels, display tech still sticks to arranging tiny little rectangles/squares of various sizes and shapes to put together an image. There could be a handful of pixels making up an RGB pixel, or even less shared subpixels in a PenTile design. And apparently Samsung is planning to change all of that, by switching over to hexagon or diamond-shaped pixels instead.

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This comes in from DigiTimes who has a reputation of being absolutely right or terribly wrong, so take this one with a grain of salt. According to their “industry sources“, this is a consequence of struggles with producing 1080p screens at super high pixel densities. Going beyond the 440ppi we see with 5 inch full HD screens like the ones on the Xperia Z or HTC Butterfly are becoming tricky because of the rectangular pixel elements, and hence switching to using other shapes would allow for a more densely packed pattern.

If this turns out to be true, Samsung might be debuting it with their Galaxy S IV but personally it seems like a bit of a far claim. Then again, the mobile space keeps getting more and more insane, eh?

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