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Removing the Screen Protector from the Sony Xperia Z Leaves it Unbranded

Sony always has screen protectors on their phones, so that you have that protection right out of the retail box from day one. As such, their new flagship, the Sony Xperia Z has a similar screen protector as well, but unlike their other phones so far, removing the screen protector apparently takes away the SONY branding as well.


Hilarious, but hopefully the device in these pictures is just a prototype because I cant imagine Sony would want their phones out there without their own branding on it, heh. The Sony logo is imprinted on the protective plastic itself. The Xperia Z still has the “Xperia” branding behind though.


It’s not very easy to remove the sheet on top of the display as it is. But hey if you want a slightly more minimalistic lookin’ Xperia Z, here ya go.

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  • aatifsumar

    In Sony’s defense, the screen guard is incredibly hard to spot on their devices. My mom used an XPERIA Ray for over six months before noticing there was a screen guard on. It wasn’t easy to remove either.

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