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Video: Can you believe this is a fan-made Nokia Lumia 920 commercial?

There have been some awesome fan-made Windows Phone commercials last year, especially one made by Brandon Foy, which was so good that Microsoft hired the guy. Here’s another new commercial by a student called Phong Luong and friends for their school project that does a great job of capturing the energy and colorful cheer of the Nokia Lumia 920 lineup, while still focusing on the major aspects of the phone, such as wireless charging, the polycarbonate unibody, and the PureView camera. I’d say Nokia should totally hire this team:

I will admit though that it is a bit similar to HTC’s Windows Phone 8X commercial from a couple weeks ago:

HTC’s commercial was really energetic compared to what Nokia has going on right now. But the fan-made commercial above just really pops. Whatchya think?

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[Thanks for the tip Anand!]