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Video: 2 months with the Nokia N9

2013-01-06 03.48.57

I’ve spent 2 months using my Nokia N9 as my main smartphone and I’ve settled in nicely with Nokia’s only consumer-facing MeeGo Harmattan smartphone. I never expected that I’d prefer using the N9 compared to everything else at my disposal, including the Android-running HTC One V and the iPhone 4, but I’ve become so accustomed to the user experience of the N9 and the way it works that it’s hard to go back to anything else – that, in my opinion, shows just how well-designed the N9 is. In the video below, I discuss the highlights of my experience so far, some of which I might have described in my editorial here but I felt was worth mentioning again.

I was not confident about using the N9 as my main smartphone throughout 2013 before this, but I think I’ve changed my mind – I am going to give it a shot at the very least. One thing’s for sure – the N9 is a phone that I will never sell. I suppose a portion of me will admit that one of the reasons why I love the N9 so much is because of how unique and exclusive it is (there just isn’t that feeling with the iPhone at all). Each time I have it in my hand while out and about, I love how it captures glances and prompts questions from the people around me. There’s just nothing like a bright pink phone with a user interface that the vast majority of people have never seen before in their lives. The Nokia N9 still grabs attention despite being around 18 months since its launch, and I don’t know any other phone that does that.

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  • Kallisticker

    All the pros and cons: You nailed it in 5 mins!

    Occassional ram cleaning with Drop Cache


    may help to avoid restaring this marvellous device too often.

  • Jean-Paul Felix

    nice piece, thanks

  • Dimitris

    Nice article, very well put arguments. I have been an owner of a Nokia N9 for the past year and I completely agree with all the pros and cons you mentioned.

    After a year I have come to the conclusion that this phone is one of the best when it comes to its ergonomic approach to the term “smartphone”. When it comes to meeting the fundamental expectations one could have from a smartphone, the N9 does it with the simplest and most fluid way. Admittedly, there won’t be any updates or new apps, so it is hard to recommend. However, if you feel fine with the state of the software and you have found these 15 – 20 apps that you absolutely require, then it’s hard to find a phone with features more efficient than the stand-by screen notifications, more intuitive and simple than the Swipe UI and more aesthetically pleasing than its award-wining design.

    I contemplate switching to a different device when affronted with the occasional shortcomings of the OS, but, honestly, I could never trade the aforementioned qualities for anything less.