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Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 820 [Again]

I just got a Nokia Lumia 820 in for review this weekend, so I figured why not do a quick unboxing!


Granted we’ve already reviewed the Nokia Lumia 820, and Alvin unboxed the White Lumia 820, and reviewed it against the HTC 8S. I’m still happy to get some hands-on time with it…… even though this is slight overkill coverage, haha.

Nokia Lumia 820 Unboxing

Check out the quick unboxing of the black version, right below.


Behold the unboxing:


(Note: If you’re reading this on our RSS feed and for some reason cant see the video, the YouTube version can be found here)


What’s in the retail box:

  • Nokia Lumia 820
  • Nokia USB Charger
  • Nokia Charging and Data Cable
  • Nokia Headset
  • Quick guide





And there ya go. I’m a little bummed out that there wasnt a different colored back panel in the retail box so that you could mix-and-match colors with live tiles from day one, but hopefully the exchangeable shells will be easy to find in stores.


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  • jpfx

    thanks. I bought an 820 and an 808 pureview. the 820 remains unopened as nokias symbian swansong really is an outstanding piece of tech.

  • mobileyog

    Do 820 or even 920 have got NMU in India?

    • http://UnleashThePhones.com/ Clinton Jeff

      Yup they have one year of NMU under the new Mix Radio/Nokia Music branding instead as far as I know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/saileshg Sailesh Ghelani

    I’ve heard that the windows 8 phones seem to be having rebooting and hanging issues the world over. Have you had any issues with your review phones?

    • http://UnleashThePhones.com/ Clinton Jeff

      Whoa, really? Not at all actually. None of the Windows Phones we trialled from both Nokia and HTC have ever had reboot issues.