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App Review: Notekeeper for MeeGo Harmattan


I’ve been using my Nokia N9 as my everyday smartphone for almost 2 months now, and one of the apps that I’ve missed the most on MeeGo Harmattan is a proper Evernote client. Notekeeper has been available on Symbian^3 and later versions of Symbian for a while now, but only very recently has it been released on MeeGo Harmattan. The moment I heard about it, I immediately hit the Nokia Store and bought it for S$5, and I’ve been generally pleased with it… with a single caveat.

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Notekeeper has a very pleasant user interface that is consistent with MeeGo Harmattan’s UI conventions as well as Evernote’s colour scheme. Getting started is as easy as plugging in your login details and authorizing Notekeeper to access your Evernote account; by default, Notekeeper is set to not sync over mobile data (you can enable it in the settings) and the light theme is enabled – N9 users will want to switch over to the dark theme for the sake of power efficiency.


Notekeeper is a very well-designed app; every function is not more than 2 taps away and while the default view displays all your notes in a long scrolling list (complete with title, time/date stamp and preview for each note), it’s easy enough to do a search or view the notes you have filed under a particular notebook or a specific tag. You can also mark individual notes as favourites within Notekeeper so that they can be accessed quickly in a single list. Notekeeper also plugs into MeeGo Harmattan’s built-in sharing cards in apps like the Gallery and the built-in web browser, so you can quickly save links and images in your Evernote account.



The biggest feature that Notekeeper lacks is the ability to create or edit rich text notes; basically, if you create a note that contains formatting of any sort in Evernote, you will not be able to then edit it directly in Notekeeper. The most you can do is to append text at the end of the note, and that is implemented in a clunky way because attempting to append text takes you to a separate screen with a blank text box in it, therefore preventing you from being able to view the note while entering the text you want to append. Notekeeper also does not support recording of audio notes, nor can your view your notes on a map.


With that said, Notekeeper is definitely a must-have app if you have a Nokia N9 or N950 and are invested in the Evernote service, not just because it is the only Evernote app available on MeeGo Harmattan, but because it is a decent app overall. While it might seem a little pricey for an Evernote client, I think it is a fair price considering the number of N9 and N950 users out there (hint: not that many) and the fact that developers have to eat and pay the bills like the rest of us. I love Evernote and I use it pretty much every day; I’ve had an account for a few years now, and Notekeeper closes up a big gap when it comes to making my Nokia N9 usable as a daily driver.

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