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Microsoft HelpBridge released for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android: An App to Help After Natural Disasters

Microsoft launched a new app today called HelpBridge, designed to help after Natural Disasters.


Powered by Windows Azure, HelpBridge lets you ask for help after a natural disaster like the recent Hurricane Sandy in North America, and also offer to help others around during a time of need. The app is only available in the US unfortunately, but hopefully Microsoft will release it in more regions too since this is the sort of app that can come in very handy in dire situations

[quote_simple]HelpBridge is a free mobile app that connects people to their loved ones and opportunities to help in a time of disaster. With just a few clicks, you can quickly send e-mails and texts to co-workers, family, or friends, and post an emergency message to your Facebook wall. All communications can also include your location, if you want. Or, if you’re in a position to help, you can donate money via text-to-give or PayPal, donate goods, or volunteer your time towards relief efforts.

For more information, visit[/quote_simple]

Available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

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