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First leaked image of HTC M7 flagship Android phone Turns Up

What you see below is apparently the HTC M7, the company’s new flagship Android phone for 2013.


It’s a rendered image of the front of the M7, courtesy of @evleaks which has been mostly accurate about this sort of thing so far. There’s a 4.7 inch display, with grilles made of tiny drilled holes both at the top and bottom for the earpiece and microphone respectively. That being said there’s no HTC branding anywhere, so this might not be the final version just yet. The render is “part of a short animation clip instructing new owners on first-time SIM card installation,” according to @evleaks.

Apart from the grilles, you have the front facing camera, and ambient light sensor and proximity sensor at the top. Still no actual images of the phone just yet though so we might have to wait till Mobile World Congress 2013 next month to see what it actually looks like.

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