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Asus ‘interested’ in Windows Phone, Contemplating Padfone tablet for Windows

Asus revealed today, that they are considering making Windows Phones sometime in the future, which is just generally good news for Microsoft.

asus padfone 2

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Asus Corporate Vice President of Mobile Communication Products, Benson Lin, stated that the company is “interested in making Windows Phones,” but did not reveal any timeline for when that might actually happen. What’s most interesting though, is that Asus is considering using it’s PadFone Phone-inside-a-tablet concept for Windows too.

Apparently Lin thinks it “makes sense for Windows 8” which might be interesting for sure. Currently Manufacturers have to stick with Windows Phone for smartphones and Windows 8/RT for tablets, so it’d be difficult to create a Padfone running on Windows. The current PadFones run Android and work as a smartphone that docks into the back of a tablet, which turns the entire device into a tablet that is powered by the smartphone’s hardware and operating system. Would that mean a Windows PadFone would run Windows Phone 8 on a tablet screen? Because WP is a portrait oriented OS that might not translate very well to a landscape tablet. *Shrug*

Either way, interesting times ahead, eh?

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