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LG Supposedly Planning to Release Several Windows Phone 8 devices in 2013

Looks like LG is determined to turn things around in their mobile division in 2013, planning to sell an ambitious 75 Million mobile phones this year, which is a lot more than the 55 million they managed in 2012.

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Apparently part of their strategy, will be to return to Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem and releasing a couple Windows Phone 8 devices in 2013. According to the Korean Times, LG is developing ‘several’ WP8 devices, along with their Android Optimus line of smartphones.

LG made a handful of lackluster Windows Phone 7 devices back when the platform launched, but has been silent on that front ever since. Not really suprising, considering they bet heavily on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform back in the day, which had disappointing results. In 2012 the company finally managed to do an about turn, releasing a popular line of Lseries budget Android smartphones, and creating the Nexus 4 for Google.

Personally, I think they’ll have a real tough battle on their hands. Nokia is pushing full steam ahead with Windows Phone 8, and HTC’s WP8 devices are incredibly attractive. LG’s going to have to pull a couple tricks out of their sleeve if they want to compete in that space, eh?

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