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Google Maps Online Now Works on Windows Phone

If you’re a fan of Google Maps and happen to have a Windows Phone, here’s good news for ya; it now works in Internet Explorer mobile.

Google Maps on Windows Phone

As you might remember, previously if you went to in the browser on Windows Phone, Google notoriously chose to redirect users to Google Search instead stating that the site only supposed Webkit browsers, which IE mobile was not. However, changing the user agent to anything else, even misspelling ‘windows phone’ made the site work just fine. Good vaguely apologised, stating that they were working on removing the redirect, which it appears they did today.

Now when you visit the site, it asks for permission to use your location, and loads up just like it’s supposed to.

Just another day in the Google-Microsoft war, eh? Personally I thought this whole thing was a non-issue because you have access to Nokia’s Here Maps on Windows Phone, but eh it’s always nice to have another mapping solution available.