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Samsung Readying Fix for Galaxy S III ‘Sudden Death’ Issues

For some odd reason, quite a few Samsung Galaxy S III units are suffering from “sudden death” problems where the phone just simply refuses to switch on.

Samsung Galaxy S III Review

There’s been no official acknowledgement of the issue from Samsung though but they have reportedly been exchanging or repairing defective units for free at their service centers. Apparently the issue has to do with a faulty motherboard, and Samsung will be soon issuing out a software update to prevent any of their Galaxy S III units from dying because of the issue. Apparently they found the source of the problem, which had to do with a firmware bug in the Samsung ROM.

Samsung also finally did acknowledge the issue, but said it was only on a “very limited” number of units, and mostly models with 16GB of storage. No timeframe provided unfortch but hopefully this will come along with the exploit-fix update soon.

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