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Happy New Year and Welcome to the 2013 UnleashThePhones

On behalf of the entire UnleashThePhones crew, I’d like you wish all of you and your loved ones, a very Happy 2013!

UnleashThePhones 2013

2012 was a huge year for us. We rebranded over from ZOMGitsCJ, and even though our first month was filled with hosting issues where the site was barely up, we still managed to triple our traffic and honestly, get a better sense of the kind of blog we wanted to be.

None of that would be possible without the awesome gentlemen that I have the immense pleasure of working with here on UTP. I’m hugely thankful to Alvin, Aatif, Dheepak, Mike, Yash and Scott for their dedication and exceptional work, and all the laughter and debating we’ve had over at UnleashTheVideo. Seriously, sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face on our show, hehe.

And most of all (y’all knew this was coming), I want to take this opportunity to thank you, our reader, for sticking with us and driving us to be even more awesome. I’d also like to thank all the collaborators, and friends of the blog who helped make 2012 happen, and all the gazillions of PR people & agencies who help us communicate with all those mobile brands out there.


2013 is going to be an incredibly interesting year in mobile. It’s almost guaranteed that 1080p screens are going to be the norm in Android flagship phones this year. I’m excited to see how Google improves Google Now and it’s crazy stalkage, and where they take Android this year. I’m also really excited to see what Microsoft has up their sleeves for Windows Phone. That sounds a little insane, but really, 2013 might end up being their year if they play their cards right. And ofcourse, there’s also Apple. They made quite a few mistakes in 2013, and iOS is quite stale today so perhaps we’ll see them refresh the UI this year? One can hope.

And as is tradition here on Unleash, we’ve given the blog a bit of a Facelift for the New Year. Everything’s shiny and new, and the new theme allows us to do some very cool new things which you’ll see pop up in the next couple weeks. And best of all, the blog theme is now responsive, no matter what device you’re reading UnleashThePhones on, you’ll see the same great content adapted right for your screen size.


That being said, unfortunately it seems that it is also tradition for our new blog theme to break something or the other (like the search button up top that isnt working). We’re still working on getting everything to a hundred percent, but incase you notice something broken or funny lookin’, let us know eh? Hopefully you wont though, heh.


And on that note, we wish everyone a happy, and prosperous 2013, filled with great things and many phones!

[quote_center]Happy New Year![/quote_center]

  • rahcool

    Happy New Year !

    Keep on rocking …

    • Clinton Jeff

      Yay thanks man :D Hope you have a great 2013!

  • dani2xll

    Happy New Year and I love the new look of your site.

    • Clinton Jeff

      Thanks Dani :D

  • Jade Bryan V. Jardinico

    wow. Fresh look for UTP. Happy New Year to team!

  • Tomas Marcevicius

    Happy new 2013!!! You are on radar as reputable tech site .I keep coming and wish you a steady grow!!!