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Video: Testing Wireless Charging through Different Materials

Here’s a quick, neat video from YouTube user lobbamobba, testing a Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia wireless charging pad, and what all objects it can charge through. Apparrently this is more to answer the question of whether the wireless charger can charge the Lumia 920 through a protective case, but in the video below, there’s all sorts of things between the phone and charger, ranging from a sock, and magazines all the way to a cooking pot. Check it out, right below:

Can you charge through a case?
That is a question I received after I did an unboxing and Demo of the Wireless Charger Nokia DT-901 Qi with the Fatboy Pillow.

Since I never use a case my self I took some different materials to simulate various types of cases and covers.

A regular black sock.
A extremely funny comic book.
A Plastic chopping board (4-5 mm thick).
A Bluray Copy of Tim Burtons Sweeney Todd.
A Stainless Steal Cooking Pot

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