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Sony supposedly announcing 1080p display Xperia Z at CES next month

Looks like Sony is going to announce a 5 inch 1080p display smartphone at CES 2013 next month, aimed right at the HTC Droid DNA / Butterfly, and Galaxy Note II.

Sony Xperia Z

We’ve seen images of a Sony “Yuga” a couple weeks ago, but according to ePrice, which is usually right about these things, the same device will have a 1080p screen and will launch as the Sony Xperia Z at the CES show in Vegas next month, on January 15th. It’s supposedly going to be Sony’s flagship smartphone for 2013, which isnt a surprise considering that display.

Good stuff for Sony! They still make some pretty neat phones, but have been pretty late to the market with their launches so far. If they launch this one on time, they’d be way ahead of most other manufacturers.

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