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Notifications App for Windows Phone 7 Now Available

One of the few things that remains to be missing from Windows Phone is a proper notifications center, and as we mentioned earlier, there was a third party app in the works to make that happen. And right on schedule, Notifications is now available for Windows Phone 7 devices over at the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone Notification Center

Unfortunately it’s not available for Windows Phone 8 devices just yet, and no word about Windows Phone 7.8 device compatibility either, but hey if you’ve always wanted a notification center on your windows phone, this is your only choice. Setting it up is a bit tricky though, and you’ll need a Windows PC to run a companion program to complete the Windows Phone installation, and Zune as well. The developer’s instructions are:

1. Install Notification Center on the phone

2. Run NotificationServer on your PC

2. Connect your phone to your computer, and sync it with Zune

3. Restart the phone, without disconnecting

4. Run Notification Center

5. Done!

Available for $2.99 with a trial version as well, right over at the Windows Phone Store.

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