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Biart Shows Off Depth Hunter Running on iPhone


Indie PC Developer, Biart, have today released a short gameplay video of Depth Hunter, which was originally a PC (and Console) game running on an iPhone.

According to Biart the Depth Hunter version running on the iPhone is a ‘Debug Build’ (i.e. Work in Progress) and that the video was recorded using another iPhone (hence the shakey video quality).

The News of the video comes direct from the Developers official Twitter account who tweeted the following information earlier today:

Additionally Biart Revealed more information on the games ‘working’ progress onthe groups official Youtube Page.

First playable build. UI from PC version. Content from console release. Post processing is done for 60%. Control – 80%. Optimizations – 40%.

According to Biart the game still has some ways to go, in terms of development, however from a visual stand point the game looks visually stunning.

Biart have yet to confirm when this game will be released onto the iOS Platform, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Via: ZOMGPlay