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Video: How To Use BBM Voice

Here’s a new video from RIM’s YouTube channel, showing how to use BBM Voice in the new Blackberry Messenger 7. As you might already know, BBM Voice, allows you to make free calls over Wifi to other BBM users, provided they’re also on the latest version of the app/service. Check out the video, right below:

How to use BBM Voice to voice chat, reply as text or talk, multitask, accessory compatibility, discovering which contacts are available to voice chat.


Introducing BBM Voice Chat For BlackBerry Messenger

Introducing the new voice chat for BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) 7. BBM™ Voice now gives you the freedom to chat with your friends the way you want. Seamlessly switch from a BBM text conversation to a voice chat and talk to your friends virtually anywhere in the world for free over Wi-Fi®. A visual indicator lets you know when your friends are available to chat via BBM Voice