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iPhone 5S Speculation Begins, Supposedly coming in June with ‘super HD’ Display, NFC & More Colors

The iPhone 5 might have only been released a couple weeks ago, but speculation of the next version of Apple’s smartphone has already begun.

No word on what it might be called, but the name “iPhone 5S” has been mentioned. According to analyst Peter Misek, who has had a hit-and-miss record on Apple devices so far, the iPhone 5S will be available in many colors, similar to the iPod lineup this year, and taking on Nokia’s Lumia colors. It’ll also supposedly launch in June, have NFC, and a better battery, along with a new super HD screen.

No idea what “super HD” is supposed to be though, but since Android OEMs are going the 1080p way, maybe Apple is thinking of pushing out a 400 ppi pixel density screen to match? Who knows.

If you ask me, it’s too darn early to start speculating about the next iPhone.

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  • Jed

    Looks like Nokia set a trend with vibrant phones. First Samsung with its blue SIII, then HTC’s Lumia-esque 8X ,and finally Apple’s iPhone 5S.

    • Clinton Jeff

      Haha i know right? Me thinks next year there are going to be a LOT of colorful phones out there.