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Golla Lycille Folder For The iPad Puts The Slim In Slim Case

Apple’s best-selling range of tablets, the iPad range, may look great, but they don’t offer much protection on their own. In fact, it is almost imperative to own a case for your iPad. We checked out the Griffin Threadless Case. Today we are looking at a case by accessory maker Golla.

Aatif Sumar

From the front, the case has a Black and White Floral Design, along with the brand name inscribed in font along the length of it.


The back follows the same black on white design, though there is more white. The back has openings for the speakers at the bottom, for the charging port (standard Apple, not Lightning), the 3.5mm jack, and a flap to set up the stand.Aatif Sumar

As with most cases, it offers Smart Cover functionality, so you never have to manually lock and unlock your screen.

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The iPad is easy enough to fit into the case, via a cloth flap on the inside of the case. Once in, there is no danger of the iPad falling out, as the weight of the iPad and design of the case ensure the flap remains tight unless manually removed.

Aatif Sumar

The case is meant to be for both the iPad 2 and the old new iPad (aka iPad 3). Because the iPad 3 is thicker than the iPad 2, the case is a bit loose on the iPad 2. On more than one occasion, we felt the top part of the case get misaligned with the tablet, as did the 3.5 mm headphone slot.DSC_0039


So what makes this case so special? Isn’t it just another case?

The speciality of this case is just how thin it is. Once the case is on, and you hold the iPad in your hand, you can’t just help but marvel at the thickness with the case on, especially when comparing to other cases.


As you can see, it doesn’t add too much bulk to the iPad, making it a favorite for people who don’t like their gadgets too bulky after being put in a case.

Aatif Sumar

Aatif Sumar

The case has a Stand mechanism too. You need to tuck in the front covering into the groove at the back, and you can prop it up anywhere.

Aatif Sumar

The stand remains stable and isn’t wobbly, so you can use in on the bed too. Definitely useful.

Aatif Sumar

Aatif Sumar

So that was the Slim Folder Case by Golla.

You can buy the Golla Lycille Slim Folder from accessory hub StuffCool for Rs. 3000.

[col_1_2 style="box border box_blue"] [title h2="title_blue"] What We Liked [/title] [check_list]

  • Super Slim design that barely adds any thickness to the iPad
  • Offers adequate protection with the iPad sitting snuggly inside
  • Has Smart Cover and Stand funcionality

[/check_list] [/col_1_2]

[col_1_2 style="box border box_pink"] [title h2="title_magenta"] What We Didn’t Like [/title]


  • Made to fit all iPads post iPad 2 (except the Mini of course), hence fitting on iPad 2 not perfect
  • Angle of propping up the device not adjustable.

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