Jelly Bean now on 6.7 percent of all Android devices, Gingerbread still 50 percent

Android 4.1/2 Jelly Bean has been launched on a couple devices in the last month, along with the update rolling out to the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III, but apparently it still only powers less than 7 percent of all Android devices out there.

That’s still a 4 percent increase from last month though, with Android 4.0 ICS seeing a 1.8 percent jump to 27.5 percent. Gingerbread still holds the largest share though, with more than a massive 50 percent.

These stats contain every phone that visits Goggle Play in a 30-day period, so devices that dont access the Play Store arnt counted. Which could mean there might be a couple more devices out there. Hopefully we’ll see ICS occupy all of Gingerbread’s marketshare by this time next year, eh? Unless Android 5.0 comes out before then.

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