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Atari celebrates Pong’s 40th birthday by releasing Free iOS game

Pong, the classic primitive-Tennis-like game that was immensely popular back in the day, is now apparently 40 years old. Holy Moley.

And to celebrate the birthday of the game that debuted in 1972, Atari decided to release “Pong World“, the first official Atari Pong game, free for the iPhone and iPad.

Pong World introduces a new generation to the classic game of PONG® with a dazzling unique twist and colorful new look. Explore Pong World by defeating opponents while collecting all five paddle creatures; Shaggy, Chompers, Sir Bouncelot, Razzle and Gnop to help you in your journey for domination. Each paddle is equipped with unique upgrades and powers. Unlock 4 different locations, each equipped with unique features — summon a wall of energy to block your opponent’s ball, hinder your enemy’s vision and much more!

Get ready to explore Pong World! Buckle up, it’s going to be a bouncy ride!

•Personalize and upgrade 5 animated paddle creatures with their own unique power boosts and personalities – Shaggy, Chompers, Sir Bouncelot, Razzle and Gnop! Collect them all!
•4 unique levels challenge you with special power-ups: Jungle Juice, Fog of Faith, Winds of Change and Moon Beams.
•3 play modes offer a new look to the classic PONG gameplay: Conquest, Survival and Two-Player Battle!
•Put crazy spin moves on the ball to catch your opponent off-guard!

I gave it a quick play, and Pong is just as addictive as ever, heh. It’s a 38 MB download, available right over at the App Store y’all.

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