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Windows Phone Store Now Lets You Download & Install App XAPs

Microsoft is apparently giving Windows Phone 8 the ability to install apps from SD cards, provided you grab the XAP from the Windows Phone store.

This is funny because you cant install apps to said SD card, but to the phone memory instead, which is something Microsoft seriously needs to work on, heh. According to Microsoft’s online Windows Phone 8 FAQ, there’s detailed information on how to install an App in the form of a .xap format package, from your SD card on your Windows Phone. Sideloading FTW?

Right now the HTC 8S is the only WP8 device with an SD card slot, so the guys at WPDang tried to sideload an app, and apparently it works well enough. You have to grab the .xap file from the Windows Phone Store, copy it to your WP8 SD card, put your SD card into your WP8 device, go to the Marketplace on your WP device, and you’ll see a new option called “SD Card” now present, from where the OS will automatically scan for .xap files and verify them with the Windows Phone Store server before installing them. IF it’s a trial app, it’ll be installed as a trial, but if it’s trial app for an app on the marketplace that doesnt have a trial option, or an app that doesnt exist on the Windows Phone Store, the installer will get confuzzled and quit.

So basically, whatever you install will have to be on the Windows Phone Store already, and you’ll need an internet connection for the installer to verify them with the Windows Phone Store, before installation. As nice as it is that Microsoft finally woke up and realized folks like to sideload things, what’s the point of this, then?

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  • OMG

    Man, Lumia 820 supports Micro SD too.

  • mateos

    Is here any option to install cracked .xap from sd card, without using market, for example by file manager ,if its possible or another option. Ps: just install without paying, csnt found jailbreak on wp8 lumia 820. Please write: Thank