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Samsung GT-I9400 Appears In Benchmark Data, Might Be the Galaxy S IV

The smartphone market moves quickly y’all. And as nice as the Galaxy S III might be, apparently it’s already outdated because there’s speculation about it’s sequel already, the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

So far those rumors have indicated Samsung wont show off their SGS4 at any of the big expos next year like CES 2013, or MWC 2013, but will instead have their own launch event, similar to what they did with the SGS3. There’s also been a couple rumors about a 1080p screen like the one on the HTC Deluxe, and a new Exynos SoC. And today, we get a look at a couple benchmark results which appear to indicate the SGS4.

Apparently these NenaMark score results are for a Samsung model GT-I9400. Since the SGS3 was the 9300 and the GS2 the 9100, the model number indicates this is the Galaxy S IV, though the specs dont seem to match up with the speculation so far. The figures mention a 1.2GHz processor with a Mali-400 GPU, for example, which is what you’d expect on an Exynos 4 Dual, like the ol’ Galaxy S II. Then there’s the WVGA resolution. Ofcourse benchmarks for devices have popped up in the past with hardware completely different to what finally gets released, so there’s a chance this might be real. Or maybe just a cleverly done fake?

Regardless, it’s going to be a while before the SGS4 hits stores folks.

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