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Facebook encouraging their employees to “switch” to Android

Earlier this year, we heard about Facebook trying to get more of their employees using Android smartphones instead of iPhones, mostly to improve their sub-par Android app, but apparently they’re stepping up efforts with huge posters plastered around it’s headquarters, encouraging employees to “switch today.”

This comes in from TechCrunch who got confirmation from a Facebook spokesperson that the company had “more iPhones deployed” than Android handsets, but after it “created more awareness that Android devices are available,” there are now “plenty of people here carrying around both devices“, heh. Maybe some of those people need to start using Windows Phones too, eh?

The company’s smartphones come pre-loaded with an employee-only beta version of the Facebook apps that include a “Rage Shake” bug reporting feature that employees can use to send information to Facebook’s engineers just be shaking their phone. Apparently the simplicity of that feature has allowed the company to maximize the number of mobile bugs reported by it’s staff, as well.

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