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Unboxing the Apple iPhone 5

We finally managed to get the iPhone 5 in for review this week. Well, technically I got it a while ago but only had the time to post our unboxing video today. I used to be a very happy iPhone user with the 3GS and iPhone 4, but eventually got bored and moved to Android


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The Undead Android: No Battery, No Problem

Android phones have always been criticized for being battery hungry, and its users are said to always have a phone charger at arm’s length. Today, we have a video for you, of my Galaxy Nexus, running without a battery. A zombie phone, if you may. [Image Courtesy] Check out the video below, and let us


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Facebook encouraging their employees to “switch” to Android

Earlier this year, we heard about Facebook trying to get more of their employees using Android smartphones instead of iPhones, mostly to improve their sub-par Android app, but apparently they’re stepping up efforts with huge posters plastered around it’s headquarters, encouraging employees to “switch today.” This comes in from TechCrunch who got confirmation from a


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Samsung Denies Child Labor Accusations

In response to China Labor Watch accusations that Samsung is facing with their factory employees that claim that the Korean manufacturer is employing child workers, Samsung issued a press statement today that they have found no “instance of child labor” in their Chinese factories “during the audits after reviewing HR records of all workers aged


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Videos: New Windows Phone “Meet Your Match” Promos

We got a look at a couple “Meet Your Match” Windows Phone promo videos last week, but it looks like Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph has been hard at working making more of them, challenging folks with iPhones or Android phones in a tamer version of the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge, and even ultimately upgrading them to a Windows Phone 8 device! Check it out in two new videos, right below: