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PSA: Get Rid Of Navigation Lag On Your Android 4.2 Device Easily

The launch of Android 4.2 has been called the most buggy launch since Honeycomb. While this may be stretching it a bit, considering Ice Cream Sandwich too had a lot of bugs before 4.0.3, we can’t deny the fact that 4.2 has its issues.

As I, and many Galaxy Nexus and 7 owners have discovered, Android 4.2 brought back System Lag, that was so joyfully absent in 4.1. It frustrated some users enough that they switched back to 4.1 until Google resolves this. However, the answer to the lag could be something really simple.
As one enterprising Nexus 7 owner on XDA has found, the lag could just be Google Currents’ Background Sync hogging too many processor cycles.

He writes:

“Hi all,
I recently upgraded to 4.2q on my Nexus 7, and I experienced a lot of lag on it. I was browsing the Internet, and I found this fix which has worked well for me, and now I have no lag. I don’t know if this has already been posted here.
This is what I found on the internet:

If you’re one of the poor users experiencing major lag on your Nexus 7 after the Android 4.2 update, here’s what you can do to remedy the situation:

Open your app drawer
Open Google Currents
Click the three dots in the top right corner of the app
Tap “Settings”
Uncheck “Enable Background Sync”
Reboot your Nexus 7

That’s it. You shouldn’t experience anymore lag and you probably won’t even need to reboot. For me the difference was night and day. I went an extra step and disabled the app completely just in case. If you want to disable Google Currents for good measure, you can do so by going into your main Settings menu, clicking Apps, swiping to the All category, clicking Google Currents, and then clicking Disable. (If you do this you won’t be able to use Google Currents anymore, but at least your Nexus 7 will be back to normal.

Hope this helps.

Corey “

We tried the same and, after rebooting our phone, the navigation lag does seem to have disappeared. We find it ridiculous that Google could overlook something like this and hope they keep Background Updates disabled by default in the future on the Currents

Are you a Nexus 7/Galaxy Nexus user on 4.2? Do let us know if this works for you.