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Homebrew Notification Center App for Windows Phone in the Works

At Microsoft’s recent Build conference, their own Thomas Fennel stated that they “ran out of time” when asked about a notification center or notification hub for Windows Phone 8, a feature that many, including us have stated was one of the few things missing from the OS.

On Window Phone, you get toast messages at the top which disappear after ten seconds and cant be seen again. The only way you’ll know you have a new message or email then, is if you check the live tile for the app or email inbox. Some argue that the live tiles are enough, and that the platform doesnt need a notification center, but clearly the homebrew community disagrees. The video below is of a working notifcation center for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, that gathers all your notifications into one single place. Apparently the app doesnt need root access, but still requires a developer unlock to sideload the app. Check it out below:

Dayum. I hope they manage to get this working on all devices, and available on the store, because it really is one of the few things missing with Windows Phone 8. More info over at the source link below.

Edit [Michael]: The app will not be available in the marketplace as it uses native code to operate, which is against MS’s guidelines. Maybe WP8 will be supported, but it will remain a homebrew for WP7.

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