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Unboxing the Sony Xperia SL

Sony decided they’d bump up the specs on their ol’ Xperia S with a faster 1.7 Ghz dual-core processor, and that’s basically what the new Sony Xperia SL is.

Other specs remain the same though. Still working on our review, but here’s a quick unboxing in the meanwhile, just to let you know what’s in there.


Behold the unboxing:


(Note: If you’re reading this on our RSS feed and for some reason cant see the video, the YouTube version can be found here)


What’s in the retail box:

  • Sony Xperia SL
  • Charging adapter
  • In-Ear Stereo Headset
  • microUSB to USB connectivity cable
  • User Guide and Product information




We got the white version for the review, which is arguably much better looking. There’s no way to tell the Xperia SL apart from the Xperia S though.


We’ll have our review up next week, so if you have any questions about the Sony Xperia SL, do let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll try to answer them in our upcoming review.


  • Mohammad Mudassir

    Can you please tell me what is the model number of the charger that comes with it?