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Google launches global augmented reality mobile game Ingress

Google’s Niantic Labs launched Ingress today, a new augmented reality game for your mobile device.

The game can be played by anyone with the app, and will apparently take a while to finish. Not much else is known from about the game, apart from the vague video below, which reveals that there are two teams, the Resistance and the Enlightened, where one group is trying to push against “the power” while the other team is trying to use it to their advantage. Much of the game will be about using your phone when you’re out and about, collecting power by analyzing certain landmarks or walking down certain routes. Check out the video, below:

Definitely sounds cool enough. Unfortunately it’s invite only for now, and only available on Android, but Google wants as many players as possible, so a multiple platform release is in the pipeline.

To request an invite, just head on over to the source link below to try your luck.

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