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HTC Deluxe Leaked, Global variant of Droid DNA

According to @EvLeaks, what you see below is the HTC Deluxe, a global variant of the recently announced HTC Droid DNA. If it’s true, this means the HTC Deluxe features the same 5 inch, 1080p display that’s on the Droid DNA, which it also shares a very similar design with. No other details at this


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Unboxing the Sony Xperia J

Sony’s latest low-end Android smartphone, the Sony Xperia J, arrived at my doorstep today. While it certainly is too soon to deliver any detailed impressions, I’ve had enough time to get it out of its box and do a quick hands-on with it, gathering some initial observations along the way. [divider] [title]Behold the unboxing:[/title] [divider]


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Microsoft’s Ballmer thinks Android is ‘wild’, ‘uncontrolled,’ & susceptible to malware

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman interviewed Steve Ballmer yesterday, which saw Microsoft’s CEO talk about Windows Phone and it’s rival operating systems. One of those rival operating systems is Google’s Android, which apparently Ballmer thinks is “Wild“, “Uncontrolled” and susceptible to malware, while Apple’s iOS ecosystem was “high priced” and “highly controlled.” Heh, looks like Windows