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YouTube for Android Updated: Now send videos to your Google TV

The official YouTube app for Android just got an update this week, bringing a couple new features to the app if you happen to have a Google TV.

The new update brings in the ability to send videos from YouTube on your mobile device, right to your Google TV. Apparently they’ve been working on this feature since 2010, but it’s finally ready to go. It works simple enough. If your device is on the same wifi network, it’ll be automatically paired without requiring any setup. And when you’ve found a video you want to check out, just tap the TV icon on top of the screen, and the video will automatically start playing on your Google TV. Your mobile also then becomes a remote control letting you pause, scroll or skip videos right from the comfort of your Android device.

What’s in this version:
* Easily send videos to your TV with one button
* Automatically pair with YouTube on Google TV
* Added manual pairing support with YouTube on PS3, XBox
* Bug fixes

You’re also connected via the cloud so that you’re free to browse YouTube for more videos to watch, without it interrupting what’s on your TV.

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