Unboxing the iPad Mini

Apple’s latest re-incarnation of the iPad, entitled the iPad Mini is now available within the UK, so since the iOS platform features plenty of games – some of which i currently have on my iPhone, i decided to pick an iPad Mini up, as to me its ideal for some portable gaming.

The iPad Mini i decided to get was the Black / Slate 16GB Wi-Fi version, alternatively known as the ‘Basic’ Model – however even though i have been using it – i’ve yet to find anywhere, local, that sells accessories for it – hence why its still in its original plastic seal.

Still havent had enough time to put together a review, but here’s an unboxing in the meanwhile.


Behold the unboxing:



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What’s in the retail box:

  • iPad Mini
  • Lightning Connector to USB Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide, and Documentation


As is usual with the iPads, no Stereo Headset in the retail package.

Eitherway as Apple promised in its announcement a few weeks ago the iPad Mini features a 7.9? inch screen, as thin as a penical and as light as a notepad – however most importantly it keeps its iPad appearence and compatibility but in a small, easier to handle frame.

I have always liked the iPad, but the major flaw i found was that it felt too bulky and heavy for me, especially during games – however this will not be a problem with the Mini, since its easy to hold and feels comfortable in hands – even during the most intense portable gameplay sessions.

In my eyes the iPad Mini is the iPad 2.5 as it features everything you’d find in an iPad 2 (or even iPad 3) with the only most notable differences being the screen size and its coloured back, which in the black version is slate instead of metalic silver.

The iPad Mini is now available within Europe for as little as £269 for the basic 16GB (Wi-Fi only) model, which is reasonable considering the ‘current’ price of the iPad 2 and iPad 3.

And that’s it for the unboxing. Incase you have any questions about Apple’s new iPad mini, feel free to ask away in the comments below.



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