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Google removes Sony Xperia S from AOSP, project now at Sony GitHub

It’s only been three months, but Google has stopped their work on bringing the Sony Xperia S into the Android Open Source Project.

According to Sony, AOSP Technical Lead Jean-Baptiste Quéru thought that the effort was a success, but the Xperia S is still being taken off the project’s roadmap, so that Google can focus on their own current Nexus hardware instead. There’s apparently an AOSP build that boots on the Xperia S with support for SD cards, Wifi and all of it’s sensors, but doesnt work with the phone’s modem or audio since they require proprietary binaries from Hirai and Co.

If you were hoping for a Vanilla Android experience on Sony’s hardware, dont be too bummed out though, because Sony has moved the code over to their GitHub account so that interested developers can pitch in to help with the open source effort.

More details over at the links below.

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