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Microsoft Surface Touch Covers Reportedly Falling Apart

Microsoft’s Touch Covers for their Surface Tablets were proudly featured in their commercial, but apparently it’s going to turn out to be a source of problems for the company.

Apparently the touch covers are peeling apart at their seams, as you can see in the picture above. Users have noticed that the flexible part of the cover is opening up and splitting, instead of just bending unharmed like it’s supposed to. And supposedly it’s happening to a lot of users too. Microsoft is accepting exchanges though, but as you can imagine, folks are a bit annoyed that their $100 accessory has this sort of quality.

It seems that the Surface also has problems with unintended audio muting randomly occurring. Hopefully that can be fixed with a software update though.

Any of y’all manage to get the Surface? Seeing the same sort of damage, or is this just a random occurrence?

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  • Andy Hagon

    Oh dear. Glad we’re waiting until Christmas to (maybe) get one. Early adopters are a brave bunch! :)

    • Clinton Jeff

      Haha indeed .I’m thankful that I cant afford to be an early adopter XD