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A Google employee lost a prototype LG Nexus 4 in a bar [Srsly!]

Y’all remember when that iPhone 4 prototype was left in a bar two years ago? You’d imagine all tech companies in the planet would have learnt from that incident but oh noes, it happened just with the upcoming LG Nexus 4 as well.

A bartender at a popular bar in San Francisco found the phone back in September, and didnt think much of it at first because apparently a lot of people lose their phones in bars there. Thankfully a friend of his, called ‘Dave’ noticed that it was a prototype LG Nexus 4, and how important of a device it was, since back then there were no leaks of the device just yet.

The bartender got in touch with Google to return the prototype smartphone, but apparently it was quite the insane adventure while he tried to give it back, heh. I highly recommend checking out the full story, over at the source link below.

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