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Nokia India teases Lumia 510, Coming October 23rd?

Nokia India’s Facebook Page just posted the clever little teaser status update you see below:

610 – 100 = ?

Stay tuned. Coming soon.

The Nokia Lumia 510 hasnt actually been announced just yet, but it’s rumored to be a budget device meant for emerging markets like India. Supposed to run Windows Phone 7.5, it’s rumored to have lower end specs like 256MB of RAM similar to the Lumia 610.

Nokia India has a press conferece here this October 23rd where the device might be announced, since the invitation was cryptic enough to indicate a brand new phone. It’s been a while since a new phone was announced in India though.

We’ll be right there to check it out this Tuesday, so check back on the 23rd y’all!

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[Thanks for the tip Adnan!]

  • aatifsumar

    More low end than the Lumia 610? Didn’t that compromise the Windows Phone experience enough?

  • Guest

    Nokia sure doesn’t think highly of Indians. They are probably thinking “These are just stupid illiterates. What do they know about a smart phone? We will launch high-end phones for rest of the world and define low-end phones using Indians”

    • Prashant Mohta

      developing countries = lots of poor people , poor people don’t buy high end devices because they are costly , so market strategy = cheaper phone , that is for slow learners like yourself

      this and more @

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