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Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Pack and Case By Seidio Review

The 2011 Google Samsung lovechild has to be one of the coolest Android phones out there and we at UnleashThePhones have shown little restraint in expressing our love for it. The Galaxy Nexus with it’s curved display and onscreen navigation buttons makes it a very unique device. But any power Android user would immediately notice that it has only a standard 1750mAh Lithium Ion battery bundled along with the box. Fortunately it is removable and many companies have taken advantage of this fact.

We got ourselves the Innocell 3500mAh Super Extended Life Battery and the ACTIVE Extended with Metal Kickstand thanks to Seidio. Let’s see how it worked out.

The Galaxy Nexus has a 1750mAh battery by default, and Seidio doubles that by offering a 3500mAh battery. The battery replaces the old one, and fits in perfectly, but because it is twice the thickness the original back panel is not going to do the trick. Fortunately Seidio have come up with an alternative.


The color almost matches the original back panel, and it feels soft to touch.


We got some very impressive results with the 3500mAh extended battery installed. Here are some screen shots. It’s safe to say you will not be hunting for a power outlet every time you leave home.

The back panel does not come in the way of the speaker or the secondary microphone. The camera cutout does not affect photos from the camera as well.

It does add thickness to your device, but it’s still fits quite comfortably in your pocket.

The case comes in two parts. The first part is a silicon cover that wraps neatly around your device. It’s black in colour so it does add a really cool rugged look to the phone. And it would absorb impact thereby preventing the screen from cracking if it ever were to fall from significant heights. It does add another layer to your phone making it slightly thicker.

The second part of the case is the Plastic back panel that attaches onto the silicon case. It possesses the metal kickstand.

Personally I think this has to be one of the coolest features that a phone can have. I love whipping out the kickstand on this case, setting the screen timeout to unlimited while on charge and listening to music.

There are more photos of the device over at my gallery on Picasa at the link below. Seidio offers quite a lot. They even have many options for you to choose from, and it’s really great that they support so many devices. More Galaxy Nexus cases at their website, at the link below.

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  • Ankit

    Wow really cool , although i want to know about where i can get hold of this phone in india ?

    • kdheepak89

      The only way you can get this phone right now in India is if you buy it on ebay (make sure the seller has a very high reputation, i bought my phone on ebay in India and have not had any problem) or ask someone in the united states to buy one and ship it over to you.

  • Shayne Rana

    Are the packs only available via online purchase from the US? Or is there some place in Mumbai that one could buy this? But as I understand it, you have to buy the battery separate and the case with the kickstand is also an additional accessory. Is that true? Or are they a set.

    • kdheepak89

      You can email Seidio, they were extremely helpful when I did. As I understand you have to buy the battery and case with kickstand separately. You can order them all at the same time, and have them delivered in the same package though

  • Boulate

    I just have a question: Which solution would you prefere between a
    bigger battery + case or directly a power pack case? (like that: Galaxy nexus power pack Case 2200mah(works with verizon, sprint CDMA nexus) Un-boxing )

    Which is the thinner? The more convenient??