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HTC Teases new Windows Phone 8 device coming tomorrow

Tomorrow (or later today Asia Time), HTC is holding an event in New York City to announce their next Windows Phone 8 device, and has teased it by showing off a corner of what might be the new phone, over on their Facebook Page.

The image is accompanied by “When beautiful hardware meets stunning software.” Everyone expects it to be their next WP8 phone, though there are some Android hopefuls thinking it might be an announcement for their HTC One X 5.

There’s also that time that is set to 10:08, but all HTC Phone’s are always set to 10:08 in their press shots, so I wouldnt read into that too much.

Cant wait to see what HTC’s got. Their Android devices are pretty fantastic this year, and close to Nokia levels of hardware and build quality. Just a couple hours more y’all.

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