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Samsung Galaxy Camera vs Nokia 808 PureView – Camera Samples

I had the Samsung Galaxy Camera in my hands, and I own a Nokia 808 PureView. How I could *not* put them against each other, right?

As you can see, the Galaxy Camera is a lot larger than the PureView. Just that camera bump is as thick as the entire 808.





Now the Galaxy Camera is a camera, that has a phone OS running things. The 808 PureView is a phone, with a camera, with another phone OS handling things there as well. For the last point alone, there are going to be comparisons made between the two, even though they’re both very different devices.


So we figured, why not? Someone has to put these two together. Here we go. The Galaxy Camera is on default settings because I couldnt figure out how to change things, and the PureView is on PureView mode at 8 Megapixels. As always, click to see the full resolution image on Flickr (you’ll have to right click on the image on the Flickr Page to see the available sizes).


Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Zoomed all the way in across the show floor:

Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView:



Samsung Galaxy Camera:


Nokia 808 PureView (at 720p):


From my brief hands-on with the Galaxy Camera, I thought that it had a lot of trouble focusing when fully zoomed in, compared to the PureView. Ofcourse this is early software on the Galaxy Camera but it’s worth noting. It zooms in a lot further than the PureView does, but it’s also a lot rougher and slower to zoom in compared to the PureView, which makes it generally feel clunkier. Otherwise the new Samsung Android UI is nice, and while it doesnt let you tinker with the camera’s settings as much as the PureView does (suprisingly) there’s fun stuff like onboard filters that you can use. You can also install Instagram which might be an advantage to some folks out there, heh. Camera quality is okay, though overall operation is a little slow, even compared to the PureView which only has a single core vs the quad core on the Galaxy Cam. *Shrug*

Coming around, Sharing images is easier on the Galaxy Camera because of Android’s nice implementation in the gallery, while on the PureView you’re somewhat limited to Facebook and Flickr from the gallery, but obviously there are ways to get your pictures off your camera if you really want to.

I’d still say the PureView is the best camera phone you can get right now, because it is. The Galaxy Camera is nice and all, but for the price you could get an actual camera with way better specs instead of opting for this one, which you have to admit, has okay/average results at best. If you choose a PureView, you probably want a slim (ish) phone that is always there with you, that you can take out and take a picture of your friends any time, any where.

With the Galaxy camera, you still have a bulky camera, that is another accessory to carry along with your phone. The only advantage it has is that it’s easier to share images, and zoom in more, maybe. You also have apps like Instagram, and Google Hangouts, and maps, S-Voice, Google Now, yada yada. But it’s still another thing that you’re carrying around, so it removes the whole convenience factor. Do you really want to carry around a smartphone, tablet and camera? *shrug* I’m not entirely sure how it’ll do, and whether people really do want an Android Camera, but here ya go.

But that’s just what I think. Which one do you think is better?

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  • Monow

    Nice to see that PureView is a clear winner :)

    • whoknowswhereor

      um, just from the pictures the galaxy owns the pure view… not surprising as it IS a camera first phone second.

  • aatifsumar

    Wow the zoom advantage that the Galaxy Camera enjoys is quite stunning. If you kept the 808 in 38MP mode, would you have been able to zoom more?

    • Al Pavangkanan

      You can’t zoom at all in 38MP mode

    • nabkawe

      808 employs digital zooming . while the Samsung camera employs Optical zooming … which is an impressive thing on Nokia’s part … 1080p would’ve looked nicer though less zooming would occur.
      808 employs Noise cancelation in the software so you wouldn’t here the autofocus or any noises the leses make whilst although it was really loud around the samsung camera , the lenses sounds were heard quit annoyingly so …
      Another thing the quality of voice in the 808 is unbeleiveably good compared to that total noise we heard from Samsung Camera

    • Guest

      There is no zoom for full resolution mode

    • javid

      if the 808 had been set to the lowest MP setting for images, which i think is 2MP or 3MP, then the zoom would have been close to 12x. What is the zoom on the galaxy cam?

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  • Bharadwaj

    Nicely summed up.. My opinion is exactly the same..

    Convergence is the way to go, and the Galaxy Camera in that aspect is not a step in the right direction IMO.

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  • Paul

    I found the PureView Pics somewhat blurry. Why? Was it the fotographer or the device? The color settings seems also to be different, in my eyes more contrast and color setting at samsung. But the sound on the video at the samsung – terrible.

    • Jack

      The Galaxy Cam applies more sharpening. As a result, it seems to be sharper but it is also more grainy. I am not sure that translate to more details though. You can actually shoot at 38mpx on Pureview, sharpen and resize to achieve an equivalent or better result.

    • mady

      Pureview have a few focus mode.. which is more convenient and when you use the wrong focus mode. It will not worked very well.

  • Kevin Everett

    It may be the flash but I think the 808 pics were brighter all around.

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  • David Cano

    I thought this was an april’s fool joke, it’s laughable how the nokia 808 shocked everyone and now samsung is trying to “innovate” with 4g smartcamera that can’t even make phonecalls, its really laughable how they pull innovation out of their asses, that is the big difference between years of development (nokia 808) and desperate moves (samdug galaxshit camera). mediocre sensor, no nd filer or medicore one, bulky device, i don’t even know if the optic is removable, my thinking is no, how are you gonna capture in 120 fps fast moving things if all you see is a blur because of the bad focusing, at first i thought it would be cool for ufo sightings or races, even in concerts, but with that bad sound quality, sllooooooow and noisy zoom and goddamn awful focusing, ITS A JOKE!!! COME ON!!!, samsung please… stick to led screens those are pretty nice and cost-consumer friendly.

  • Estevao S Brasil


    The Galaxy Camera is running the Android OS, and the PureView is running some Symbian.

    Obviously the PureView should have a better performance after de GC, that Symbian was made for that: snap and share the Pic on social web, and the GC is just the first compact camera which runs Android, that means it isn’t the unique porpouse do the snaps.

    • poradnik fotograficzny

      It’s not the first camera running Android. Not even second.

    • petaqui

      False, a camera should win a mobile, that doesn’t happen here. And is not fair for the 808 if you say what is not fair to what

  • gulfu

    good to know nokia booked ur return tickets… sum up the whole story ..:)

  • yeahright

    wow…galaxy camera got some good sharp colours in the photos. and it only 16MP! nice!

    • petaqui

      only? Oo
      I can’t understand your poor argument, sorry

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  • Sergey

    There is no miracle, larger lenses – better picture, so samsung – winner. But it is not good camera – slowpoke in zoom, focus. And the movie by samsung is ugly.

  • petaqui

    It’s just me or I see the 808 better? less blur, less noise, better contrast and better sharp

    • Mahesh

      the 808 is better.. :)

  • SuzKo

    Yay! glad that I never sell away my pureview! thanks for the review!

  • anwar k

    Too bad that you stucked with 8MPx PV mode. you can zoom further on 3MPx PV mode..