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Video : Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Preview – Camera, Music Store & Lockscreen

The first Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Preview video I shared evoked quite an interest & response from the Symbian users. It featured the new Keyboard, Music Player & the Lockscreen. If you haven’t seen the first video, you can catch that post here – Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Preview.

Quite a few YouTube commenters wanted to know whether Feature Pack 2 brings any update to the Camera app & it it interacted with the Missed Call / Unread Message notifications. Well guess what, what you saw in the first preview weren’t the only new changes coming with the Feature Pack 2.

So check out the video yourself to see the new features for yourself –

Camera –

The update will be bringing the Nokia 808 PureView’s Camera app to the Nokia 603, 700 & 701 (i.e the Devices which get the update) including the Auto, Scenes & Creative mode. Also I doubt how much of an impact or benefit the EDoF camera’s will get by the new software, but the new app kicks ass nonetheless! I do hope this Camera app is made available for the N8 though!

Music Store –

From the video, it looks like the Nokia Music Store has been redone in Qt as well, like the Nokia Store for Apps & Games. And if the Nokia Store is anything to go by, this means that the Nokia Music Store on-device experience is going to get a lot better & smoother with the update. I just hope Nokia India removes the silly restriction of offering only 32kbps songs OTA on the device.


Like shown in the first video, the Lockscreen has the N9 style swipe to unlock functionality now. In this video, we see that if we swipe on the Missed call notifications, the phone directly opens the Call Log. My source informed me that it functions the same way with unread messages. You get directly taken to the unread message. Nice touch in my opinion.

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