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Video : Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Demo–Keyboard, Music Player & Lock Screen

I have shared screenshot gallery of Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 before. Today, I’ve a video of Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 to share with you guys.

The video shows off the new keyboard, the new music player and the new lock screen.


Here are my thoughts on the video :

Keyboard -

  • For those using multiple languages, switching between the languages is a one touch process, right from the keyboard.
  • The prediction looks fast & instantaneous.
  • Emoticons are way faster than before too.
  • Am a little sceptical at the layout & size of the keys. Looks pretty cramped to me. Hopefully things will be better in the final version.

Music Player -

  • The new Now Playing UI is cleaner & should be easier to use.
  • There is a button for direct access to the Nokia Music Store in the Nav Bar.
  • You can now play & pause the music right from the Notification bar.

Lockscreen -

You can simply swipe the lockscreen off the screen to unlock the phone. Would be interesting to see how the lockscreen handles message & missed call notifications.

Bear in mind though that this is still a development version and not a final release version.