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Samsung Galaxy S III hits 10 million sales under two months

Samsung’s Galaxy S III has apparently hit 10 million units sold just under two months from it’s launch globally, right according to schedule according to Samsung’s President Shin Jong-kyun.

Korean News Agency Yonhap News did not manage to get exact numbers but got a rough figure of about 190,000 Galaxy S III units sold every day, from the Samsung CEO, which means it’s reached 10 million units in half the time that it took it’s predecessor, the Galaxy S II to reach that number. JK Shin said in June that he expected the Galaxy S III to reach 10 million units sold in July, because of the Android flagship smartphone launching in North America this month, bringing the total to 145 countries on 296 carriers worldwide that sell the Galaxy S III.

This comes shortly after Samsung, now the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, announced that the original Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II had passed 50 million units sold. Aint no stopping the Koreans y’all. And with the rumors of the upcoming Galaxy Note II coming at IFA 2012, it can only get better for the manufacturer.

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  • Nizam Khan

    10 million sales under 2 months, it’s going crazy …..

  • robert

    its really cool……large no.of sales in 2 months

    • Clinton Jeff

      Heh yeah not too bad at all.

  • selena gomes

    I bought my SG3 two days ago, and I really regret I did it so late. The device is the best one I ever touched and used.Its quality is excellent, and I still wonder why some people keep telling iPhones are better.For those of you who don’t mind the design, you’ll be happy to hear that in addition to the beastly 1.4GHz quad-core processor, Samsung has bumped up the RAM to a healthy 2GB (versus the 1GB that was previously announced). In addition you get a 5MP rear-facing camera, HSPA+ support and the S Pen/Wacom digitizer.