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Guide : Get Nokia Pure font on your Nokia 808 PureView

If you are a Symbian phone user, you might be wondering why hasn’t Nokia started using their award winning & expensive Nokia Pure font on Symbian yet? From what I believe, changing the primary font on a platform isn’t as easy as replacing the font files. There are quite a lot of changes & optimizations required to adjust to the new font. Infact, almost every app will need to make sure its ready & works fine with the new font. Given that Symbian is on its way to oblivion, I doubt such a drastic change is wise at this stage of its life cycle.

But thanks to the modding abilities on Symbian, you can get the Nokia Pure font working on your Symbian devices even today!

If you are using a Nokia Belle or Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 device, I’ve already shared a guide as to how you can get the Nokia Pure font on your phone. But due the recently released Microsoft Apps update, the previous guide would no longer work on my Nokia 808 PureView. So if you too own a Nokia 808 PureView, or any of the other Nokia Belle devices, and would like to get the Nokia Pure font on your phone, here is another longer & complex guide to get the font on your phone.

Fair warning: The steps involved in this guide are not simple & straightforward. You can end up bricking your device, after which the only option for you will be to hard reset your device wiping all of your data. You have been warned.

Also, you’ll need access to System files on the phone. This means you’ll need to hack your device. If you haven’t already, you can follow this guide to hack your phone – Hack your Belle & Belle FP1 phones.

If you still wish to continue forward, then follow the steps below –

1. Install this Nokia Fonts setup. This is an older version of the one included in Microsoft Apps update, but this is the one I managed to get access to. Download Nokia Fonts.

2. Install NetQin Mobile Security app from this link – http://sdrv.ms/MaPqgt

3. Open the NetQin app, Agree with the terms. The app will try to connect to activate service, but will return a “failed to operate” error. Click OK & continue. Now open SYS Optimization and then App Manager. Look for the Nokia Fonts entry in the list, select that entry & click on the Trash icon at the bottom to uninstall Nokia Fonts. Once it has finished uninstalling Nokia Fonts, you can exit the app.

4. Download the Nokia Pure font files from this link & transfer them to your phone.

5. Open Nokia FileBrowser or X-Plore on your phone, and copy the 6 Nokia Pure files you transferred to your phone in Step 4.

6. Now Navigate to C:\Resources\Fonts & paste the Nokia Pure fonts. You will be prompted to over write the already existing files. Say yes & over write the files.

7. Now navigate to C:\private\10003a16\lfonts\ You’ll find three *.ltt files in this folder. Copy these files to your mass storage and then transfer them to your computer.

8. Using any word editor program like Notepad++, edit the three ltt files to change Z:\resource\fonts to C:\resource\fonts (You need to essentially replace the Z with the C). There will be 2 x 3 = 6 such references in the 3 files for the 6 font files. Replace all 6 entries properly.

9. Copy these three ltt files from the laptop to C:\private\10003a16\lfonts\

10. Restart your phone. If everything worked fine, your phone will now be using Nokia Pure font instead of the regular Nokia Sans font!

Here are screenshots of the Nokia Pure font on Nokia 808 PureView –



Thanks to @MoritzJT for his help.

  • http://www.omreddy.com/ Mahesh

    i think the simple step is install fontZoomer from nokia store and change the font to “Nokia Pure regular”, restart after changing.. :) later install the theme “meego by fsx” and apply it and note that the fontzoomer is not free btw

    • http://www.yashmaheshwari.com/ Yash Maheshwari

      Hi Mahesh, I am aware of Font Zoomer as an option. But it is a paid app, & I wanted to try the default way ;)
      I’ll give Font Zoomer a try as well on one of my other Symbian devices.

    • http://www.yashmaheshwari.com/ Yash Maheshwari

      I bought the Font Zoomer app & tried its Nokia Pure. Here is the result –
      Not satisfactory for me.

  • http://twitter.com/GexN GexN – Norbert

    Why not use a Font Zoomer app (paid or free version) instead and change the font in few taps? http://store.ovi.com/content/57189?clickSource=publisher+channel&channel=&pos=6

    • http://UnleashThePhones.com/ Clinton Jeff

      Dang, I just tried that and it worked! Made my 808 a little unstable though. Sleeping screen acted up so i had to switch back lol.

      • http://www.omreddy.com/ Mahesh

        mine works pretty well.. no problem with sleeping screen with my 808.. :)

    • http://www.yashmaheshwari.com/ Yash Maheshwari

      Bought & tried Font Zoomer as well. It causes problems in a few apps & the keyboard layout is odd with Font Zoomer –

  • John H

    Step 1 – I’m getting a 404 on the download link for Nokia Fonts.

    • pommesmatte

      Me too! Pleas fix the link!

      • torcida


  • pommesmatte

    Uninstalling Nokia Fonts via NetQin does not rewrite the ltt files on my 808 and the fonts are still locked and could not be replaced by the pure files…

  • http://twitter.com/Alvetica Al Pavangkanan

    After installing FP2 and hacking it, you can set Pure font without dealing with the lfonts folder.

    • Jakob

      How can you do this sir?