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Concept: A fan’s render of a Microsoft Surface Windows Phone

I try to stay away from the concept images but we got so many tips about this one, I figured why not. Created by DevianArt member yronimus, here’s what he imagines a Microsoft Surface Windows Phone would look like.

After the company’s announcement of their own Microsoft-branded surface tablet the other day, rumors have been spreading all over the internets about the Redmond company creating their own phones are well. Microsoft shot down those rumors today, but not before this concept was created.

If they had such plans, it would have been something like Google’s Nexus Android phones for instance. In Google’s case, it’s necessary because it shows folks the stock Android skin and experience, but with Windows Phone, there’s nothing really changed from manufacturer to manufacturer in terms of UI, so I’d fail to see why Microsoft would make their own Windows Phone.

Personally I still think Nokia’s designs are better, but would you buy a Microsoft Windows Phone?

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  • Karthik

    that actually looks cool !! Since the rumours go negative on microsoft
    developing a smartphone right now, i wish guys at HTC could come up
    with such a design !

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