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‘Sing Something’ is like ‘Draw Something’ but for Songs

If you’re a fan of popular Drawing Game ‘Draw Something‘, here’s something that might be your style too. Sing Something, is a new iOS game that’s a combination of karaoke and Draw Something, to create a social singing game where you sing a song and your friends try to guess the title of it.

Unlike Draw Something though, Sing Something isnt created by OMGPOP. Developer Vlado Hrincar told Mashable in an interview yesterday:

“We love singing in the shower and always wanted to create a music based game, we just couldn´t find the right recipe. Then we came across the Draw Something concept and that was it. Enlightened by the idea, we put our next-big-thing gaming project on hold and started working on Sing Something.”

The game works in a similar way, where you select a friend to play with and a song from the three choices available, and you proceed to sing the song and send your musical creation to your friend, who in turn has to guess the title of the song. You earn coins which can help unlock things or get bombs, yada yada and you dont see any lyrics, but there are links to YouTube so you can get an idea of the tune. Pretty clever, eh?

“Currently we have four categories (80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010-2012), covering the overall history of the modern music. We are planning to add at least 10 more categories, focusing on specific genres or artists — Madonna, Jackson, and yes, Justin Bieber too and Rebecca Black if we’re really evil.”

Available free for iOS over on the App Store, with an Android version and more categories coming soon. Admittedly, this is a game that’s going to be awkward to play in public heh. Anyone thinking about giving it a go, feel free to add me for some awful singing and general audio embarrassment haha.

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