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Angry Birds, Tango Video Calling, Skype, PES2012 wont install on 256MB RAM Windows Phones

Microsoft’s first low-cost budget Windows Phones were revealed at Mobile World Congress back in February, limited by just 256MB of RAM, some parts of the platform and services would be restricted, but the company said that about 95 percent of apps would still install and run fine.

The Nokia Lumia 610 is one of those low-cost phones and has started to ship in Europe and parts of Asia, and unfortunately, folks who’ve had their hands on the windows phone have found that quite a few popular apps dont install on the handset. Skype, Tango Video calling, Angry Birds and PES 2012 refuse to install from the Windows Marketplace, showing a RAM warning.

Ofcourse there’s the hope that developers of those apps will push out updated to support 256MB devices, but this is additional work for them, and many see this restriction as the first type of hardware fragmentation to hit Windows Phone. While only 5 percent of apps/games wont work on 256MB RAM windows phones, Microsoft is going to have a hard time pushing the platform if they consist of the most popular ones.

And the cracks in the foundation, have started to appear. The last thing Microsoft needs is to follow Android’s mistakes. Hopefully they have some sort of plan, because this is just crazy.

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