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Nokia Belle Refresh is the update coming to 1st Gen Symbian devices [Screenshots Inside]

Nokia Belle

I’ve just received information from a trusted source about the upcoming update to Nokia Belle for 1st Generation Symbian^3 and Anna devices. While Nokia had made it clear that Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 won’t be coming to the 1st gen devices, they had promised “More Fixes & Changes to Belle”.

My source now tells me that the update will be called “Belle Refresh” and will be made available for the Nokia N8, E7 & C7 for sure. There is no word on whether this update will come to the E6 as well. He got hold of pre-release builds of Belle Refresh as well and has shared some screenshots to show what the update will brings.


The build no is v111.040 and the release name is Nokia Belle Refresh. Notice that the Browser version is newer than that on Belle FP1, which has 8.2. Also, the Java version in this update is older than the one in FP1 which had Java 2.4


As you can see, this update is brining even more clock widgets for you to choose from along with the widgets introduced in the FP1 update.


The new Text clock widget along with the other widgets in action.


The music player has a new look & sorting according to what looks like Artists, Albums & Songs finally!


This screenshot of the Notification Bar disappointed me. This does not have the Activities & Notifications grouping of the Notifications like in FP1 as well as the Clear button to remove the notifications from the bar.

This is all the info he provided me at this time. According to him, there could be more changes to this Belle Refresh update in the coming days. I hope Nokia includes more User Interface tweaks found in Feature Pack 1 in this update. Even if they do not, one cannot deny that Nokia has put in a lot of efforts in providing updates for these devices thereby completely transforming them from the Symbian^3 days.

At first I thought that Nokia Belle Refresh isn’t a good name for the update. But after having given it some time to pass, I have started seeing sense in the “Refresh” word in the name. Will share whatever new information I receive on this update.