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Apple Co-founder, Steve Wozniak thinks Windows Phone is ‘beautiful,’ Android ‘no contest’

Last we heard of Steve Wozniak, he was picking up an AT&T Lumia 900 a while ago, and from the looks of things he loves it.

The Apple co-founder had nothing but praise for Windows Phone in a recent interview, about how intuitive the interface was, and how apps lead you around very naturally, and (the most interesting part) how there’s nothing more beautiful than the Microsoft platform. When asked about rival platforms, he said Android was “No Contest”. Oh snap!

It’s not all positive though, as he mentions that he doesnt like the voice control functionality of windows phone compared to Siri on iOS, and that his iPhone is still his primary phone. More info over at the source link below.

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  • Bojan011

    I never understood Wozniak’s comments. Giving compliments to other phones, but iPhone is still his main phone? He is still a hobbyist in his soul… 
    The same way I like to flirt with Android, I like to try it, but I ain’t crazy about using it…